2007 Submissions

Skull A Day - Metal Theme Heavy Metal Song
/+staticnoise+\ - combatiente Pop Song
\+staticnoise+/ Devvo the Chav Drum N Bass Song
/+staticnoise+\ - 48 Bars Jazz Song
\+staticnoise+/ - Summarize Dance Song
/+staticnoise+\ work the horse Heavy Metal Loop
Tornado - triphop Hip Hop - Modern Song
/+staticnoise+\ Tishrean remix Trance Song
Will To Survive Heavy Metal Loop
\+staticnoise+/ -Spooky on You Trance Song
/+staticnoise+\ - Tishrean Dance Song
Smashing the State Dance Song
Turn The Screw Heavy Metal Loop
HomeStarRunner Trance! Trance Song
Death Rattle - Death Metal Heavy Metal Loop
Rage Rove Rave House Song
\+staticnoise+/ - Rue The Day Trance Song
physically bent Dance Song
extreme obsession - LOOP Heavy Metal Loop
/*staticnoise*\ - spynasty Dance Song
REMIX - Remisser -cry for help Industrial Song
27 second Rumble Heavy Metal Loop
no one as sad as me Trance Song
\+staticnoise+/ - rue Trance Song
game theory Techno Song
staticnoise - Nasty Groove Heavy Metal Loop
Love Sara Trance Song
staticnoise - Marathon - metal Heavy Metal Loop
Drilling Through Armour Heavy Metal Loop
staticnoise - Jets Heavy Metal Song
Heavy Midtempo Groove - Loop Heavy Metal Loop
I'm Sad That I'm Flying Trance Song
staticnoise - poltergeist Drum N Bass Song
Speed Defies Gravity - metal! Heavy Metal Song
serious quest Trance Song
14 sec metal clip Heavy Metal Loop
the happiest elf Dance Song
Heavy Goofy - Metal Loop Heavy Metal Loop
staticnoise - mackin' smooth Dance Song
Furious Raging Loop - Metal! Heavy Metal Loop
marisa doesn't love me - DnB Drum N Bass Song
staticnoise - Finished - Metal Heavy Metal Loop
staticnoise - Grizzly - D n B Drum N Bass Song
staticnoise - Past OK - DnB Drum N Bass Song
staticnoise - Meil - triphop Hip Hop - Modern Song
Fast Nasty Punk Metal Loop! Punk Loop
demon walks backwards -triphop Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dead = Fun! - cool ass techno! Trance Song
Life Fights - raging metal Heavy Metal Song
staticnoise - Fuller - trance Trance Song
cuttin' a rug - psycho techno! Miscellaneous Song
Drag - dark hardcore / metal Punk Song
Darkness Alights - total metal Heavy Metal Loop
Circus F@%K - slammin' techno! Techno Song
staticnoise - element- bigbeat Hip Hop - Modern Song
staticnoise - another wind Trance Song
staticnoise - curta - high nrg Trance Song
staticnoise - cold north wind Trance Song
staticnoise -beware the lichen Video Game Song
Bunny Parade - Quirky Big Beat Dance Song
Brutal - Wacky Big Beat Techno Dance Song
Blade Runner 2: Now it's 2! Drum N Bass Song
Blade Runner - crazy uplifting Drum N Bass Song
Bent On - energetic trance Trance Song
Bacchus - poppy big beat dance Dance Song
A Little Fragile Right Now Techno Song
A Chinese Cat - quirky techno Techno Song
70s toy goes bad - vg techno Techno Song
Build! - moody heavy metal Heavy Metal Song
30 second fury! - badass metal Heavy Metal Loop
Atari - crazyfast 8bit techno! Video Game Song
Apocalypse - death metal Heavy Metal Song
Too Happy Drum n Bass - loop Drum N Bass Loop
Weird something - Loop Miscellaneous Loop
Huge metal guitar industrial Heavy Metal Song
Manic Killa Gabba Techno -loop Drum N Bass Loop
Huge Crazy Gabba Techno - loop Drum N Bass Song
Crazy manic techno track Techno Song
Save Some Lives! Dance Song
Strongbad Super-Techno Remix Techno Song
Evil Nasty Goth thing Goth Song
Fast Happy Techno House Song
Blurbaly Techno Build Techno Song
Trippy, Driving, Dark Video Game Song
Alterna - Industro - Metal Heavy Metal Song
Garage Metal Clip Heavy Metal Loop
Consonent drum -n- bass Drum N Bass Loop
Trem Guitar Hiphop - loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Weird Ambient Tabla Loop Ambient Loop
Phat mellow hiphop - loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Single horn Jazz Hiphop - loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Mellow Oldschool hiphop Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Werid click and pop Ambient Song
Heavy guitar riff w siren loop Heavy Metal Loop
Heavy Goth track in 3/4 time Goth Song
HpHop w mellow jazz organ loop Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Three Organ Funk - loop Funk Song
Trance Lite Trance Loop
The birds are in trance Trance Song
Shaft driving Video Game Loop
Wet Funk Funk Loop
Awash with rain Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Organ Conga Triphop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Ambient Trip Hop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Bass -n- Piano Trip Hop Hip Hop - Modern Loop